About Us

About Us
In the food industry since 1970

Since 1970, we are professionally espialised in  production, selling and exporting in the agriculture and food industry sectors, Our Fresh, Dried and preserved products are very well chosen to match the Global international standards including the EU,USA and Canada.

Our journey started  in Egypt, with a great passion we succeeded to build our base in Turkey where we have been lucky to produce and sell high quality Turkish products from our production and from our high quality brands partners. 

Having access in the EU market was our motivation to be located also in Central Switzerland, through our partner and our company where we had the opportunity to know the requirements of the Swiss and The EU markets in order be always on the highest levels and standards that can satisfy our clients all over the world.

Quality, Honesty and Excellent services are the basic foundations that our clients can always expect from us. Enjoy the great experience with Aziz Gida