Retail Chain Markets

Retail Chain Markets
Düzce Halkmar Supermarket was established in 2013 and has become one of the well-known, reliable and distinguished organizations of the market sector in a short time.

Duzce Halkmar Super Market, which has adopted 100% Customer Satisfaction as a principle since the day it started to serve in its sector, trains and motivates its employees in line with this goal. All employees have adopted that continuity and efficiency in relations are directly proportional to success in this matter.

The point it has reached today is an important indicator of the correctness and commitment to its principles on behalf of Düzce Halkmar Super Market.

Providing service in the province of Düzce with its 9 branches + 1 Virtual Market, Düzce Halkmar Super Market has a structure that tries to meet all the needs of its customers with its safe, spacious and affordable shopping opportunity as well as the wide range of alternative products it offers in its aisles.
Halkmar Markets Chain, which is always open to innovation and development, has shown this by adding the "Halkmar at the Door" virtual market to its structure after 9 branches.

  • Anadolu Sofrası,
  • Balık Evi,
  • Evim Pasta,
  • Halk Taş Fırın


Continuing its activities in its fields, Halkmar continues to gain customer satisfaction and trust day by day.
In this direction, we are honored to do the best for our citizens in Düzce and for the whole of Turkey and to continue on our way as the Shining Star of Düzce.