Arrived from Egypt to Düzce, Opened a Restaurant

Arrived from Egypt to Düzce, Opened a Restaurant
When the Egyptian businessman liked Düzce, where he came to visit, he decided to invest. Egyptian Businessman Sayit Abdullah Elaziz decided to serve the people of Düzce by opening a restaurant to enjoy the nature and people of Düzce.


Düzce has become a center of attraction for foreign investors. Egyptian Businessman Sayit Abdullah Elaziz came to Düzce, Turkey, where he came from time to time.



2019 Yılında yaptığı ziyaret sırasında Düzce’yi çok seven, doğasına, insanlarına ve tabiatına hayran olan Mısırlı İş adamı Elaziz, Düzce’ye yatırım yapmaya karar verdi. Verdiği kararla birlikte de çok sevdiği yemek ile ilgili restaurant açan Elaziz, Düzce’ye ve Düzcelilere hizmet etmeye başladı.



Sayit Abdullah Elaziz, who told our microphones about his decision to invest in Düzce and his thoughts on taking part in business life in Düzce; “I was constantly traveling to Turkey. However, I always came to Bursa with Istanbul. I love Turkey. I decided to start a business in Turkey. On his travels, he needed a place where he could sit, entertain his guests, and eat. I also love to eat. I did it as a hobby. Everything is fine here. There is nothing wrong. Our business is normal after the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, we have taken our mask, distance and disinfectant measures. Cleanliness is very important to me. The tree is green, it is important, so it is very important for us in cleaning," he said.